4 tips on how to take care of your gadget’s battery

The world was recently in shock when there were numerous reports that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone which had just been released at the time was catching fire. This was blamed mostly on the lithium-ion battery which is the most common battery used in most tech devices in the market today. Such incidents have been deemed as rare but I felt it is prudent to share with you a few tips on how to take better care of your batteries in this era of technology very reliant on well-functioning batteries.

#1 You need to avoid extremes

Most of us have the tendency to use up our technology gadgets till they run out of power and go off, then later charge them till they are 100% full. Experts however warn that this ends up shortening the battery’s life span. It is advisable to only do a 0 to100 recharge once a month as this allows the battery to recalibrate.

#2 Always keep your battery cool

It is advisable never to leave your phone or any other of your tech devices where it’s really hot.Batteries are obviously not microwaveable therefore leaving them inside a parked car or next to your stove is not a good idea. The same applies to extremely cold places. Basically, too much heat or too much cold will affect your battery’s performance.

#3 Store your batteries with some power

Certain circumstances require us to switch off our technology gadgets for a couple of weeks or even months. It is advisable to make sure it that the battery has a charge of at least 50% during the period your device will not be in use. Keeping your battery for too long with a 0% charge will affect its performance. It is believed that most Li-ion batteries lose five to 10% a month when left unused.

#4 You should use replaceable batteries

Smartphones with inbuilt batteries are currently dominating the scene, rendering the replaceable battery option somewhat obsolete. However, it is noteworthy that nothing beats having the option of being able toinstall a fresh battery with 100% power.