About New Biggie

It’s hard to imagine a world without technology. Initially, I was not a techie but I had to come to terms with the fact that the world is changing and it’s changing really fast. Everything is being controlled and influenced by technology. The way we work, interact, transact and go about our daily routines is highly reliant on one tech gadget or another. I had to come to terms with this reality and this was the main driving force towards coming up with my blog,New Biggie.

I am Mary Sladen, as I said not a techie. I came up with New Biggie so that I could share information about technology with non-techies like me. Whether it’s breaking news on a new technology trend or an insider’s perspective on technology, my blog will put it in a way that non-techies will understand it – simple, concise and clear. My aim is to demystify technology. I invite you, whether techie or not-techie to be a part of this conversation. My views are mine and I very much welcome your views. Diversity is what strengthens us. I therefore very much welcome your thoughts, opinions and ideas. Let’s talk, let’s share more about technology and how it is transforming our lives.